How To Crate Your Dog


It is always a wise idea to protect your belongings when you cannot supervise them. For you to protect your dog, you should put it inside a dog crate. Pet dogs do not need a built kennel as they are there for their aesthetic nature and to garland your home. It is obvious that you will not always be at home or carry your dog along. So why don’t you crate it? Here you will learn on how to use a dog crate.

First get yourself the crate and a few needed add-ons. Make sure it is the right size for your dog. The right size is whereby your dog will be able sleep, sit and stand at ease. It will not be good if your Beagle keeps on knocking his head on the ceiling.

You must understand when to crate your Beagle. Don’t crate because you are leaving home. Do it at short regular intervals during the day and not the whole day. Crating a dog throughout will make it feel imprisoned and begin to resist being crated. Make the dog feel the PetCratesDirect crate as its own home within a home. If you have children around, be stern on them to never bother the dog or tease it especially when inside the crate.

A crate is the place to leave your dog if you are not near for supervision. Or maybe you are going on a trip especially a long drive. While at home, ensure the PetCratesDirect crate remains open throughout for the dog to go in and out voluntarily. It creates a hub of peace for them to go in when they want to be left alone away from disturbance especially from children.

During training, keenly and closely watch the puppies for certain signs and behavior like when they want to go for potty and take them out. If you are not around to watch them, they will hold themselves until you are back. Being inside the crate prevents them from messing around in the house. Sometimes puppies get playful and over excited and snappy and they are not able to calm down. Get them inside the crate until they calm and become controllable. Please, note that you should not do this as a way of punishment. Talk positively every time you do this and never make them have a negative attitude towards the crate. For more facts and information about pet crates, go to

If you are introducing a new puppy at home where there is a mature dog, it is difficult to predict how the big dog will react. Puppy sometimes are mischievous and can be a nuisance to big dogs. It will be a good idea to crate them separately and at different times.


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